Raising Canaries

The canary birds are easy to take care of and they don't need much space to remain active and healthy. Seeds, fresh water, a little bit vegetables or fruits besides a cuttlebone in the cage to provide the calcium are the basic food for them. Once a day the time you spend on feeding the bird and cleaning the cage is less than 3 minutes, but the happy time the bird gives you is unlimited. If you buy a couple of birds, you will have the opportunity to watch the whole amazing process of a new life: the mating, the laying of the eggs, the sitting on the eggs,the hatching and feeding of the baby birds. The canary birds are very productive, if you feed them well, they will give you baby birds as many as six times a year. The only things you need to provide them during the breeding time are a nest, some nesting materials and some more nutritious food like the whole wheat bread and some egg yolk.

Although most canary birds have the same eating and mating habits, please try to take sometime to get to know your own canaries before you decide to put it on a certain specific type of diet. Pay special care when it comes to canary mating and giving birth to young canaries, while some canaries are extremely productive, some may only lay eggs 1 to 2 times a year (few words to the new breeders: don't push it, let them reproduce naturally. )

The canary behaviors, diets and health info posted on this website represent the opinion of the author solely, please seek professional vet. advice regarding pet-care information for your canary.