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How to handle baby canaries?
If you feed your canaries well, they can lay eggs four to six times in a year.
There are usually three to six eggs in each batch, depending on the type of canaries, they may lay out eggs.

You do not need to pay special attention to the baby canaries, the mother and father canaries will take care of their babies until they are fully feathered. The only thing you can do to help if to provide more nutritious food high in protein, this will help the little birds to grow healthy.

It usually takes 2 weeks a baby bird to grow out all their feathers except the belly portion.

Also, sometimes, it is possible for the parent bird to pull out the baby birds' features to make new nests, at this time it's best to put the baby times in a different breeding cage. Make sure to put the cage beside each other, so the parent birds are still close enough to be able to feed the baby birds. It takes one more week for the baby birds to be able to eat on their own.
The canary behaviors, diets and health info posted on this website represent the opinion of the author solely, please seek professional vet. advice regarding pet-care information for your canary.